We are a company that since 1984 is working along our clients to grow using the more appropriate technologies.

We adapt us to your company requirements, and for thus, on an comfortable ambit of communication, our specialists will study your requirements and will assist you, guide you and recommend you the development path more well suited to your situation.
The quality of the technologies used in a company is as important as its correct selection, implantation and use. This factors are essentials to an productivity increase and reduction of expenses.

We have intimate relation with the use of open source software, which allows you not only to reduce expenses but also to enjoy of a code widely tested and open to modifications.

Among the most relevants consulting services, we offer you:

  • Consulting on new technologies affecting your company
  • Definition and adaptation of the strategy of your IT department
  • Selection of the optimal work platform
  • Selection of the software that more fits your business
  • Training of your employees